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Safari and Jungle Wall Decal Economy Size Collection

Safari and Jungle Wall Decal Economy Size Collection

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Are you looking for a collection of smaller children's wall decals to create your own custom wall murals? We now offer a selection of reduced economy-sized panelcollections of some of our most popular individual stickers.

This beautiful mural jungle animal wall decal collection includes wall stickers of many exotic animals found in a range of ecosystems from tropical rainforests to the African savannah. Whether you like lions, zebras, giraffes, macaws or toucans or prefer the adorable capuchin or the deadly king cobra, this panel includes them all! This collection gives you the chance to build a small but magical jungle mural that is exclusive to your child's room or your day care establishment.

Economy-Size Rainforest, Jungle and Safari Wall Decal Panel Size: 48 inches x: 48 inches
Each jungle animal wall decal is die-cut for easy peel and stick application. Just peel it from the backing and stick it where you want it.

This jungle and safari wall decal collection includes the following wall stickers:

Wall Decal Product Name (# Included): Item Dimensions (Width x Height) One (1) Each of the following wall decals:
Baboon Wall Decal
Capuchin Wall Decal
Chimpanzee Wall Decal
Elephant Wall Decal
Giraffe Wall Decal
Lion Wall Decal
Orangutan and Toucan on a Vine Wall Decal
Snake on a Vine Wall Decal
Toucan Wall Decal
Zebra Wall Decal

Two (2) Each of the following wall decals:
Leopard Cub Wall Decal cub
Lion Cub Wall Decal
Macaw Wall Decal

Three (3) Each of the following wall decal:
Tiger Cub Wall Decal
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