Design Ideas for Creating Amazing Walls With Our Wall Decals

Looking to create an amazing wall scene?
Here are a few ideas to jump-start your imagination.


Lay Out Your Mural Before You Start

Before applying your wall decals, lay them out on the wall with masking tape. This will let you move them around until you like their position. Then you can peel and stick each wall sticker where you would like. If you are doing some scene painting to your walls, tape up the decals and sketch in the areas you'd like to paint. You can apply the stickers later when you've finished and the paint has cured for at least two weeks.

Overlap Stickers

In nature animals move together, sometimes in front of or behind each other. They might walk in front of a tree or lie down on some grass. Consider overlapping your wall decals to create a sense of depth, realism and hand-painted artistry.

Here you can see that the cub wall decal is placed over one of our grass stickers so it appears that the cub is lying in the grass. Pretty cool, right? And super easy. Give yourself permission to experiment!

Lion Cub and Grass Wall decals are overlapped to create a realistic mural scene.

Create Movement 

Consider how the animals might move through the environment and recreate that on your wall. Birds might fly in different directions or the fish might travel in schools. Creating a flow on the wall with your custom wall stickers can really bring your wall scene to life.

In the picture on the right, our swinging chimpanzee on a vine has been placed by one creative customer at an angle coming out of our border vine wall stickers adjacent to our tropical rainforest mural decal. See how it makes it even more realistic? Like the chimp is literally right in the room with you?

In addition, the macaw flying across the wall helps move the viewers eye across the wall scene.

Lion Cub and Grass Wall decals are overlapped to create a realistic mural scene.

Create An Environment

Use our plant wall stickers to create an environment for your animals to inhabit. Our goal with these scenery stickers is for you to be able to make the entire scene with our decals with no special painting required.

Combine Decals With Your Painting

If you are comfortable with a paintbrush, you can also paint some of your own scenery: make a light blue sky, use green and brown for the earth, sponge in some white clouds, gray for rocks and so on. Maybe add trees, shrubs or vines. Let yourself have fun with it.

Accessorize Your Room To Match Your New Mural

You might want to get bedding, pillows, rugs, curtains, and more that match the theme of your wall sticker mural. This can really add to the beautiful work you have done with your mural and create an exceptional room for your kids or you to enjoy.


Please email us photos of what you have made with our Walls of the Wild unique and realistic wall decals.