Customer Testimonials

From some letters we've received over the years! 


The stickers look so great and it was the easiest renovation we've ever done. Jacob just loves the animals. He goes into his room and waves to them all everyday and gives them kisses (if we lift him up) we were very pleased with the ease and quality of your product. Thank you.

Jackie A.


I wanted to create a jungle themed room for my son Phoenix. I had no idea how I was going to do this and make it look nice. I didn't want anything too kiddy. I wanted my son to have realistic animals to look at and learn from. Your product was perfect for this project. I had a lot of fun putting the stickers up. It really was easy, no mess! Thank you so much for making such a great product.



I purchased some murals from you to use in my babys room- they turned out so neat! My husband has so much fun working with these- and they were very easy to use. We'll be remodeling our bathroom soon and making it an "underwater theme" so you'll probably be hearing from us again! Thanks--Stacy J. Block

Stacy J. Block


Hi there! We purchased some of your gorgeous stickers about 2 years ago now and the kids are still just as much in love with their rooms now as they were when we first did them! Like many others, we wanted to decorate their rooms (Paige 9 years and Finn 2 years) but didn’t want any of the cutesy, baby style stickers. We wanted something that would also be appropriate as they grew, so we were delighted to find your page. We did a jungle room for Paige as a surprise and she absolutely loves it! The first thing she does when anyone new comes over is show them her amazing room. We put a couple of downlights under the bookshelf above the lion, and he looks stunning at night when they are turned on. For Finn we did an underwater theme, this was a bit trickier as he has a rough wall but we managed to stick them up with your helpful instructions and some spray glue :) Everybody who sees them is just astounded that they are stickers and not real murals painted on the wall. So I just thought that I'd say thank you so much for such wonderful products!

Cristie Raven (Western Australia)


When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we decided not find the gender of our baby. In searching the web for jungle-related nursery accessories, I ran into Walls of the Wild. I immediately fell in love with your creativity. I ordered two palm trees, the giraffe, elephant, orangutan, chimpanzee, and the toucan (it's amazing how much shopping one can get away with when you're pregnant!). I would have ordered all your animals but then I would have had a bit of explaining to do. I was so excited when I placed my order. When they arrived, I had a difficult time keeping my promise-waiting for my husband to decorate the nursery with the stickers. Luckily, my husband rushed home from work that day to begin the project or I would have broken my promise. We were utterly amazed with the life-like look these stickers had. My husband and I had a great time decorating our baby's room. I will always remember that day with such pleasant memories. My son (we had a boy) is now 6 months old and he is already a fan of Walls of the Wild. He brightens my mornings as I walk in his room and find him with the biggest smile. His wide-opened eyes are filled with curiosity as he scans all the animals in his room. He is fascinated with the stickers and babbles to all the animals. It is the most wonderful experience to witness my son's happiness. Thank you, Walls of the Wild.

Melissa Aguayo-Arteaga


Hi there! First let me say how easy it is to use your product and how professional it looks when applied, (especially compared to other products.) My son wanted to have a jungle or landscape in his room with animals. I looked into the cost of a muralist to paint the whole thing, including animals, but it was several thousands of dollars (because of the detailed work involved in making animals) and way out of my budget. Then I stumbled onto your site while searching for ideas/alternatives. We ordered the stickers right then. The room turned out really, really, great. People who come to our house are quick to comment on the details of the animals and need to get really close to see that they are stickers, especially against the background. I always recommend your site to anyone who says that they are planning a mural project with animals, etc. Thanks again for making such a GREAT product!

L.Grant-Brewer, CA


Everyone at Walls of the Wild, I want to thank you so much for giving me the inspiration for the nursery of my first baby. Baby is due any day now, and I am happy to report that although I will never truly be prepared, I can at least relax knowing that the nursery is finished! I wanted to create a room that would grow with the baby, but still wanted a something fun (and gender neutral, as we decided not to find out). Walls of the Wild not only gave me the inspiration for the room, but made it very easy! We have recommended your company to moms who are looking to create a room for their children that will not only grow with them, but also be a source for learning! I have also been told that babies who have something to talk to (even if that something is a wall decal), will busy themselves awake in their crib chatting away to the decal. I love your products!! Thank you so much!

Sara Danks, OH


My son Jacob loves animals so these stickers were exactly what we were looking for to decorate his room in our new house. He asked for a safari room and loves the way it turned out. Thanks!

Deb L. Kissimmee, FL


Hi- Just wanted to send a note to tell you how much we love our walls of the wild decals! My son wanted a dinosaur room and at first when looking for dinosaur wall decals, all I could find was baby-ish or cartoon dinosaurs- until I discovered your page. We love all the decals we bought and are thrilled with how great they look on his walls. Thanks again!

Jennifer J., Long Island, NY


Hi! I wanted to send you some pictures of my son's room that we decorated with the dinosaur stickers from your site. He is a dinosaur FANATIC and when we moved to our new house, he decided he wanted a dinosaur room. We searched everywhere for just the right inspiration pieces. I had hired an artist to paint a mural in his bedroom at our last house and the cost was over $1000! We couldn't afford that expense this time and his room is much larger. Needless to say, I was thrilled when we found your site! The dinosaurs are just the right mix of friendly and realistic. They are so professional looking and really were extremely easy to apply. Aidan LOVES his room and is proud to show everyone who comes here. We were able to do the entire room for less than $300 and it looks like it was professionally done. You have a great product at a great price! I have already recommended you to several of my friends.

Jody England, OH


We are changing the theme of our son's room for his love of fish, and the quality of your wall decorations is fantastic.

Stacy Mathew


Just wanted to thank you for such a BEAUTIFUL product. Will be placing second order real soon! Thank you,

Loretta Lewis


Hello, I just recently placed an order of many jungle pieces to redo my son’s room. First I must say they were beautiful and immediately upon seeing them I had but no choice to begin his room right away because he was so excited. We had a mural on the walls from when it was a nursery that I thought we would have to take down and spend a lot of effort sanding and priming, repainting. Turns out with your pieces we were able to save the mural and make it work with the jungle theme. We were able to do it in under an hour! My son Nicholas went into the bath and by the time he came out he had his beautiful jungle room he had wanted so bad. He was so excited he couldn't sleep.

Melissa Cetrola


Recently my daughter gave me the parameters for her new room - prehistoric period dinosaur theme - in my head I was thinking how am I going to pull this off? With the help of a little painting, sponging and your products it was a fabulous final result - the best part - the smile on my daughter’s face. Thank You,

Tamara Buckley Leclerc


We cannot be more pleased with the dinosaurs we have ordered. We wanted to do a room that both boys, ages 6 and 20 months, would enjoy. Both boys are thrilled with their room. My 6 year old has to bring anyone new to the house up to his room to show it off. My 20 month old is learning the names of the dinosaurs and pointing them out in his room. He loves to go "pet" the dinosaurs. We looked long and hard for realistic but not scary looking dinosaurs to decorate their room with. We had a hard time finding anything we liked; it was either too childish or too small to decorate the room with. Once we found your website, we were hooked. I know that my children will enjoy their room for years to come, and I can't wait to hopefully add more dinosaurs to the room. Thanks for making such a great product and for expanding your dinosaur line.

Lisa and Matt Sargent


My husband and I just wanted to say thank you for making such a beautiful product. When my very beautiful, unique and trendy daughter said she wanted a "unicorn room" we quickly noticed that such bedroom decor really didn't exist for a young child. I was terrified at the thought of having to draw one myself and when we came upon your product, we were thrilled. We truly love it. The colors are perfect! Thanks a million,



My son’s safari themed room turned out super cute! Everyone comments on his room being the cutest they've ever seen. Thanks!

Michelle Siniard


My son loves his new animal friends, these stickers are such a high quality and they were so easy to put on (even on slightly textured walls). Thanks for a great product!

Michelle Rakoczy


Our unicorn sticker really looks painted on! Thanks for such a great product!

Stephanie Leaman


The theme for my son Cole's room is "safari camp" and your product was just what I was looking for! My son wanted realistic-looking animals, not cartoonish ones, which is all I would have been able to paint if I had tried to do it myself (the savannah grass & sky I could handle). It could not have been any easier to put up the decals...what a treat! Anyway...we think it looks great! Thanks!

Ellen Alley


We love our wild walls! This product made our baby's nursery a masterpiece. Thank you Walls of the Wild.

Christina Judd


Hello, I just want to say how thrilled I am with your products!!! I bought the shark, turtle and a few fish and they were a breeze to put up. They stuck perfect with no problems!! My kids LOVE THEM!!! They really add to the paint job my husband did in their room!..Infact the room looked so incomplete before the fish arrived!! We can't wait to get more fish!! Thanks again!

Vickie Horton


Dears Walls of the Wild, The coral decal is even better in real life then on the image. Most beautiful mural we have ever seen for children! It improves our waiting room dramatically. All of us at the HUB Clinic would like to thank you again. Thank you and Warm Regards,

Mila Zatulovsky, M.D. Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics & Holistic Medicine


Dear Wall of the Wild,

Your wonderful stickers made it safe and sound to Manila, Philippines. My daughter loves her new Jungle Theme Room. I was AMAZED at how easy it was to put these stickers up. They look wonderful and everyone who sees them leaves impressed! Many people think it's painted on! We love that the animals are realistic and not "cartoonish" like all the other jungle wall stickers available. THANK YOU!!!! Merry Christmas.

Kathleen Lewis-Workman


Dear Walls of the Wild:

We decorated my newborn son's nursery as a Jungle theme and used some of your stickers and it really made the room turn out great!!! My son is only 3 months old, but you can already see his face light up when he looks at all the creatures. The best part is that this themed-room will really age with him and it won't look to 'baby' for him when he is older. The stickers really added a lot to complete the theme and I wanted to say thank you.

Sheila Grantham


My son absolutely loved jungle animals and your jungle wall stickers were the perfect addition. Everybody that entered the room always asked where we got such amazing and realistic looking stickers. We are moving to a new house and my son is now 8 and wants a dinosaur room. We knew exactly where we needed to go to add the perfect touch! Can't wait to start choosing our dinosaur stickers! Thanks for a great product!

Tami Williamson


My name is Kasha and recently I purchased gorgeous stickers from your website. I am planning to open a day care in my home and I always wanted to have some art on my walls. My friend painted branches with some flowers and we used Walls of the Wild stickers. I am very happy with the result. Hope that the kids in my care will love it as much as I do. Now I can start to put in some furniture :) I am very excited about that project. Your products are wonderful!!! Thank you.

Kasha T.


Hi! We love the sea life series, so we decided to redecorate the kids' bathroom. The coral reef is so real that the kids have to hold their breath when they look at it. I wanted to thank you so much for the great stickers!!! We re-did our basement for Christmas and the jungle animals are a BIG hit. We used some bed canopy leaves from IKEA to add a 3-D effect and a yellow lantern is a stand in for the sun! We hope to add to our collection for years to come and again that you for such a great product!! Everyone who has seen the walls is amazed. I will be telling everyone I know about them.

Tricia Gephardt


I absolutely loved your product! I transformed my son's playroom into an ocean full of sealife.

Vicki Connell


We originally did our daughter Logan Paige's nursery as a jungle theme using your stickers. It was something that was cute, but that we felt she could grow with as she got older. She's now Three and a Half and the stickers have held up well and transitioned VERY well into her new "big girl" room. We even had to move a couple of the stickers because of the placement of her new bed and they were easy to move, reposition and re-stick. We get many, many compliments on her room and what's most important is that she still loves it too! Thanks!

Mary Smythe


Hello, Just wanted to say thanks for your amazing product which we purchased a couple of months ago. Our son Charlie loves them and we do to! We had looked around for a while for some wall decals that weren't so babyish and cartoony and once we came across your site we knew we had to get some for his jungle themed room! We couldn't help but fall in love with one of your other customer's walls, with the green wall with the vines and trees so we just had to do a similar thing! I think the results are fantastic. I think we are now addicted as we are looking at adding a few more to his room and now trying to weigh up the theme for our new baby boy Henry, born a couple of weeks ago! When we have people over for the first time we now take them to Charlies room first! Everyone comments on it and asks where we got them from. So hopefully you get a few more sales from down our way in Australia. Thanks again,

Simon, Sarah & Charlie Hobart, Australia


Your wall stickers are amazing and I would not hesitate to order again from you guys and I highly recommend your product, so easy to work with and great.

Martina Brown


I have absolutely loved the decals I have ordered from your company for our church! They are so realistic! I have gotten so many compliments. I will be ordering more.



My room is full of parrots and I wanted to give them something colorful to look at - and what better than a jungle? I have one wall left to complete and will be keeping an eye on your website for more - they are easy to apply and the most exciting part is I can remove them without damaging the walls! 



Thanks to all our great customers who have purchased our vinyl wall stickers. PLEASE keep sending us your thoughts on our products and pictures of your walls.

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