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Wild Walls Decals

Farm Animal Wall Decals Collection

Farm Animal Wall Decals Collection

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A collection of all our farm animal wall decals plus two of our grass wall decals and one tree wall decal. This barnyard wall sticker collection provides all you need to quickly and easily create a barnyard mural in your child's nursery or bedroom. Also perfect for pediatric office walls, daycares, and playrooms.

Collection Includes:
1 Each:
Tree Wall Decal 36" x 72"
Piglet Front View Wall Decal 8" x 10"
Piglet Side View Wall Decal 17" x 12"
Lamb Wall Decal 22" x 22"
Calf Wall Decal 30" x 24"
Rooster Wall Decal 17" x 18"
Chicks Wall Decal 10" x 5"
Foal Wall Decal 30" x 47"
2 Each:
Grass Wall Decal 42" x 12"

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