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Dinosaur Economy Size Wall Decals Collection (19 Small Size Decals)

Dinosaur Economy Size Wall Decals Collection (19 Small Size Decals)

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Check out this economy-sized collection of some of our most popular dinosaur stickers.This wonderful dinosaur wall decal collection includes triceratops, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus-rex, and gallimimus dinosaur wall stickers as well as baby dinosaur hatchlings and a handful of smaller dinosaur wall decals.
This collection works great if you have a small amount of wall space available to create a DIY dinosaur mural unique to your child's room or any children's space.

Economy-Size Dinosaur Wall Decal Panel Size: 48 inches x: 48 inches
Each dinosaur wall decal is die-cut for easy peel and stick application. Just peel it from the backing and stick it where you want it.

This dinosaur wall decals collection includes the following dinosaur wall stickers:
Dinosaur Wall Decal Product Name (# Included): Item Dimensions (Width x Height)

Tyrannosaurus Rex Wall Decal Large (1): 24" x 24"
Tyrannosaurus Rex Wall Decal Small (2): 11" x 8"
Stegosaurus Wall Decal Large (1): 30" x 15"
Stegosaurus Wall Decal Small (2): 11" x 6"
Triceratops Wall Decal Large (2): 9" x 10"
Triceratops Wall Decal Small (2): 6" x 8"
Brachiosaurus Wall Decal (1): 6" x 14"
Pterodactyl Wall Decal (2): 4" x 16"
Dinosaur Egg Wall Decal (5): 5" x 5"
Gallimimus Wall Decal (1): 15" x 21"
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