Sample Sketch For Creating A Wall Decal Mural

The sample sketch and the room it is based on is below. This is to help you get the feeling for what you need and what sizes you can fit. Don’t feel like you have to make yourself crazy with 100% accuracy. For instance, the scale may be slightly off in this sample, but that’s ok. You just want to be sure that what you want will basically fit before you buy it.

This is a planning tool to get you started on your wall decal mural design and also help you decide which way you want to go with your choices. Once you get them in the house, you can play around with the design by taping them up before you stick. The main idea is to give yourself a framework if you feel you want or need it. Remember, there’s always the free-spirit method. ;)

If you are going for the in-between method, then you could use a sketch like this as a guide. If you want to put your full-on “DIY artist planner self” hat on, then measure to the inch. Either way, you will have wild walls when you are finished.